Viral lite APK Download

Viral lite APK Download

Looking to download Viral Lite APK? Here’s everything you need to know about the app, its features, and how to download it safely.

About Viral Lite APK Download

Viral Lite is an innovative Youtube Player with many features.

Viral Lite is an innovative Youtube Player with many features

You can watch videos from Youtube via Viral Lite free with any features such as
+ Searching your interested videos
+ Add or remove videos with Playlist system on your device
+ Compatible with your device
+ Clean and Safe
+ Easy to use


Viral Lite is a media player app that lets you view your favorite YouTube videos without the limitations imposed by the standard YouTube app.

Whether you use a smartphone or tablet as your media device, you will appreciate the many features that this convenient media player app gives, or instant messenger, while you watch the video.

If you want to watch several YouTube videos at the same time, the app allows you to do that as well.

However, take note that this may result in performance problems on older devices that may not have enough RAM or processing power to handle several streaming videos at the same time.

Viral Lite lets you keep a YouTube video playing in the background, even if you switch to another app or turn off your screen.

If you use YouTube videos as a source of background music while doing other work, turning off your screen lets you save battery power.

If there are videos that you play regularly, Viral Lite comes with a custom playlist feature that makes it easy to save and retrieve them.



  • Trying to play two videos at once can make the app crash on older devices.

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