Sonic colors Ultimate Pc Download

Sonic colors Ultimate Pc Download

Take control of Sonic in the anniversary version of the legendary game called Sonic Colors: Ultimate, go on a journey of adventure, find Dr. Eggman and stop his plans.

The game takes place far from the world of Sonic. Dr. Eggman once again make plans that can harm the ordinary inhabitants of the universe. He decided to capture a race of creatures that have an endless source of powerful energy, and wants to use it to unite the two planets and create a huge amusement park. Vysp, representatives of the same race, may suffer as a result of his actions, and only Sonic can help them. Take control of Sonic, go on another adventure with him, prevent Dr. Eggman from turning his plans into reality and save the alien race.

Well, first of all, it would be worth saying that this game is not new – it is a remaster of the game that was released back in 2010. The remaster was released specifically for the thirtieth anniversary of the series and offers not an original adventure, but a sea of ​​​​innovations, including visual and gameplay ones. Decide Sonic Colors: Ultimate download torrent, install the game and see for yourself how the game has changed.

Updated graphics and visual design in general – the developers have done a tremendous job and significantly changed the game. For example, they completely reworked the textures and all the environments on the levels, reworked the special effects, and generally made the game more modern in terms of visuals. Moreover, the game now supports modern high resolutions and displays as it should on modern widescreen monitors.

Few changes have been made to the gameplay. the developers have already announced that the game will bring many gameplay innovations to the players, including reworked mechanics, new features, and much more. But at the same time, at the moment they do not apply about these changes.

The gameplay has not changed much, if in general terms. You will still travel through levels, overcome various obstacles, avoid dangerous areas and traps, climb ledges and jump on platforms using the unique abilities of Sonic, and in some cases Tails, and not only.

download sonic colors ultimate pc free on a new adventure, save wisp from Eggman, solve all the problems and overcome all obstacles, and just enjoy the updated graphics and the good old atmosphere.

The game with the newest version for 2022 is available on Here you can download Sonic Colors: Ultimate torrent in Russian with the latest update to your computer or laptop and start playing. The game is completely hacked and does not require a purchase, you can play for free.

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