Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (abbreviated as IDM ) is one of the long list of download managers, l. This software is dedicated to simplifying the management of downloads and optimizing them so that they are as short as possible.
How Internet Download Manager Works

Concretely, Internet Download Manager is compatible with the most used web browsers such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Opera or even Microsoft Edge . When the corresponding extension is activated, IDM will override the in-browser download manager.
The software is able to intercept the download processes in order to optimize them: when the server allows it, Internet Download Manager dynamically cuts the files and downloads each part “independently” as if it were the work of several users.

Its other features

Internet Download Manager allows you to categorize your downloads, a very practical function that will allow you to define the folder in which to deposit the file once received. The user will be able to define default categories based on the file extension or the site it is downloaded from.

The user can also view the details of each download such as file size, percentage downloaded, transfer rate, remaining time and whether or not the server supports the resume function for interrupted downloads.

If IDM proposes to optimize downloads, it can also be interesting to reduce their speed. Simply indicate the desired speed for the software to adapt it.

The interface also offers the ability to pause downloads, manage the queue, and schedule them for a specific date and time.

Internet Download Manager and video

IDM also includes a feature for retrieving videos from streaming sites. An icon allows you to automatically download the video being watched. The user has the means to select the quality and the video format to download.

Translations and compatibilities

Finally, note that the Internet Download software is multilingual, so it offers a translation of its interface in English. The app intercepts downloads that are initiated from your browser and places them in a queue. To make the download more efficient and faster, it cuts the files into several pieces and launches several loads simultaneously. When all the loadings are finished, it automatically assembles all the pieces that make up the file. More often than not, this technique gives much better results than a classic linear download. On the other hand, the software integrates an automatic download recovery system. Thus, an interrupted download is continued where it left off rather than being resumed from scratch.

If the application is mainly intended to speed up downloads, it can also slow them down. The user can pause them or set a maximum speed. Thus, part of the available bandwidth can be kept for other use.

Internet Download Manager also offers the possibility of retrieving videos broadcast on streaming sites in the quality and format that you have defined in the application.

he current version of Internet Download Manager is 6.38 Buld 16, released on December 25, 2020. Compared to version 3.37, it mainly brings bug fixes, integration of SSL libraries and improvements in download interception on some sites as well as optimizations for Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Edge or Brave.

 The different versions released in 2020 benefited from improvements to the download engine, resolutions of downloading problems for several types of video streams and fixes of some annoying bugs (redirection, display, etc.). Also note the appearance of a dark mode compatible with Windows dark mode10 associated with a new Neon toolbar. Available only on Windows, Internet Download Manager (also called IDM or IDMan) is an “intelligent” download manager that integrates with the main web browsers on the market. It is capable not only of carrying out several downloads in parallel but also of accelerating transfers – up to a factor of 5 at most – by splitting the files to be repatriated. It manages and recognizes different types of files to classify them automatically. It also knows how to resume interrupted downloads in the event of a problem, to avoid having to start all over again. When the downloading process is advanced enough, its preview tool helps verify that the element being transferred is the desired one and not a decoy. This version is a shareware version limited to 30 day trial . If the software is right for you, you’ll need to purchase the license  

Why use Internet Download Manager?

If you are a user who downloads a lot of files when browsing the internet, you know that download times and queue management by your internet browser’s internal management tool can sometimes cause some problems.

The use of a download manager allows you several very practical settings such as the use of bandwidth, very practical especially if you are watching a streaming video and you do not want it to crash. You can also resume your downloads where you left off without having to start from the beginning, and you can even close your browser even if the downloads haven’t finished!

IDM therefore brings you all these very practical features that one looks for in a download manager, and many more. Attention to use Internet Download Manager correctly, you must download the application for Windows, but also the extension adapted to your internet browser. Note that IDM is available in French.

What are the features of Internet Download Manager?

The first feature of IDM is to allow you to download your files at a much higher speed than your browser would have offered you. Indeed, the software uses file segmentation technology which allows it to cut files virtually and download all the pieces at the same time (which is faster than the linear method).

Downloading files from the Internet is simplified by using the extension that is inserted into your usual Internet browser. Thus clicking on a download button from any website opens an IDM dialog box that allows you to choose the location of the downloaded file. When the download is complete, a new notification window appears.

IDM supports all different types of data (applications, texts, images, music, videos, etc.). The application informs you of the file size, type, and location. You can pause and resume a download at any time. Thus, you can launch several downloads and better manage their progress.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool that manages and schedules downloads. It can use all the bandwidth. It has recovery and resume capabilities to restore interrupted downloads due to lost connection, network issues, and power outages.

What are the best alternatives to Internet Download Manager?

There are many solutions to help you manage your downloads, especially in the form of browser extensions. If you prefer to use standalone software, here are some solutions that have the advantage of not being reserved for Windows users.

JDownloader is a cross-platform download manager that you can download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Developed in Java, it can also be used under other operating systems by experienced users. It is completely free and developed in Open Source. Updates are regular thanks to the community of developers who participate in its development. The software supports pausing, bandwidth limits, automatic extraction of archives, downloading multiple files at the same time, etc. It even offers an OCR (character recognition) module. Its interface is in French.

Free Download Manager (FDM) is also a cross-platform and free tool. You can download it for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android. In addition to supporting the usual downloading from your internet browser and accelerating them via segmentation, FDM is also able to download files in TORRENT format, without the need to use any other software. It also contains a preview tool for audio and video files. Like Jdownloader and IDM, it picks up your downloads where you left off, but it goes even further with a scheduler. The interface is translated into French.

Less known, but just as effective and cross-platform, you can download Motrix for your computer on Windows, Mac or Linux. Like FDM, it allows the downloading of Torrents files, but it also offers an FTP download module. Free and Open Source, it is an even more complete solution than the previous ones, but unfortunately only available in English.

IDM supports a wide range of proxy servers such as firewalls, FTP and HTTP protocols, cookies, MP3 audio and MPEG video processing. It works effectively with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other popular browsers to manage the download. [2]


  • Splits downloads into multiple streams for faster downloading
  • Batch downloads
  • Import/Export download tasks
  • Automatic/manual update of download address
  • Multiple queues
  • List of recent downloads for easy access to directories
  • Downloading videos from video streaming sites. [3]
  • Dynamic segmentation throughout the download process.
  • Protocols: HTTP , FTP , HTTPS , MMS [4] and Microsoft ISA
  • Authentication protocols: Basic, NTLM and Kerberos allowing storage and automatic authentication of user names and passwords.

IDM supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft

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