Hotel Transylvania 2 android Game Download

Hotel Transylvania 2 android Game Download

Hotel Transylvania 2 by Sony Pictures Animation helps the favorite characters of the famous cartoon build a castle, go through many difficult missions and quests. Change everything to your liking in the city, set up a hotel where monsters live, try your luck in exciting mini-games. Go through the gameplay with Mavis, Dracula, Zombies, Frankenstein, and other funny monsters.

The player is given a choice of a variety of monsters. Meet all the inhabitants of the monstrous city and the guests of the hotel, find out who were the progenitors of the famous Linda and Vlad. You can choose any character like The Skeleton Mariachi, Zombie Bellhop, Blobby, Griffin, Murray, Wayne, Dennis, Frank.

Have fun at a party full of monsters, create your own world. Take part in interesting quests, summon a sandstorm, turn into a bat, learn vampire dances, cook talking cheese. The reward for winning the quest will be a variety of prizes, jewelry, gold, magic items. All this will help you in the future, so strive to get as many rewards as possible.

Change everything in cities and villages to your liking, create a completely new Jump Tower, Quasimodo’s Kitchen, unleash monsters and participate in incredible adventures.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the mini-game in which you will need to spin the wheel of horror, you will receive long-awaited collectibles, gold, and other gifts as a reward.

Plunge into a crazy adventure by inviting people from all over the globe to your hotel of horror, such an event does not happen often, but it happens for the first time.

Become a member of the Hotel Transylvania 2 fan club absolutely free of charge and stay tuned for the latest updates, new features, characters, find out all the news about the game.

Instill fear in others, open coffins for hotel guests, spin the wheel, participate in multiple mini-games, build your own castle, equip cities, get gold and other valuable items as a reward along with funny cartoon characters.

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