Eminem my music box Mp3 Download

Eminem my music box Mp3 Download

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known professionally as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, film producer, and actor. He is consistently referred to as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time and has been dubbed the “King of Hip-Hop” by Rolling Stone.
Born: October 17, 1972 (age 47), St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
Movies and Series: 8 Mile, The Defiant Ones,
Children: Haley Jade, Alaina Marie Mathers, Whitney Scott Mathers
Spouse: Kimberly Ann Scott (b. 2006–2006), Kimberly Ann Scott (r. 1999–2001)

Eminem – Music Box Lyrics

Yeah, girl.
Can you hear that?
It’s playing our song.
Are you sleepy?
Take a nap.
You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?

You hear the beat as it makes you not wanna go to sleep.
I knock on Dakota’s door. It’s locked so I go to creep
‘Round the back with binoculars: not ’cause I wanna peep
But because I’m hungry. She smells like Tacos I wanna eat.

Visions of hot chocolaty marshmallows are so sweet.
With sugar plums.
Oh, look, here comes Marshall! He’s on your street!
He’s placing hot smoldering charcoals beneath your feet.
Now walk on ’em.
He’s dancing with carcasses cheek to cheek.

Like a Thanksgiving turkey, a holiday ham,
Cinnamon sprinkled on toast, strawberry marmalade jam.
Flavor my favorite Graham crackers with JonBenét Rams’.
I guess a modern-day Jack The Ripper is all that I am.

My music box.
‘Cause when the lights are off, I see the girl’s asleep.
But I can hear you, my love. You keep calling me.
Although we’re worlds apart, you mean the world to me.
So when you call, I come, I will answer.

‘Cause when the lights are off, I see the girl’s asleep.
I hear my music box playing a song for me.

I almost look comatose.
Who wants to be sober gross?
I foam like a Doberman. Mouth open.
I overdose.
Put coke up my nostrils in both my holes and I plug my nose.
My pupils quadruple in size. Eyes are so bugged. I know.

I put on my mother’s make-up, get naked and run around
Wavin’ the gun around.
I think I’m down to a hundred pounds.
There’s thunder.
I wonder how come it rains but the sun is out.
The devil’s upset with his wife.
They must be sluggin’ it out.

I must be buggin’ the fuck out,
But what the fuck about?
Voices are leading me up to the attic. I love my house.
They pull and they tug my blouse.
The sound of a music box comes from inside a toy chest.
But what do I do? It’s locked.

I pick it and open it, but it’s stuffed full of human parts.
I dig ’til I find it, I wind it up and the tune just starts.
It’s playing a song so beautiful, and the room is dark.
The moon is full. I smell a funeral. Guess I’ll loom in the park.

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