Best video Editing Software/shotcut video editor download for pc

Best video Editing Software

Shotcut Video Editor is a free and open source software for creating videos, initial editing and processing of footage, as well as mixing tracks with support for a large number of file formats – JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF, TIFF, AVI, H.264, MPEG, WAV, WMA, YouTube and many more.

The program is able to w with various amateur and professional equipment.Among other features, it is worth noting the capture of video from webcams, HDMI ports and the Internet, which will certainly suit novice directors and vloggers.

Of the effects, balancing, color correction, grading, darkening, rotations and various kinds of transitions are available to authors, which is more than enough for creating review and promotional clips, as well as editing home videos.

For ease of editing, an unlimited history of changes is available to the user, allowing you to roll back 10, 20, 50 or more steps.

The application interface is available in light and dark colors and is designed in a somewhat minimalist style.Additional workspaces are hidden by default, and can be transferred to another display if the user wishes.

Among competitors, the program stands out due to the ability to process video with resolutions up to 4K, which is often not available in free versions of eminent editors.

Advantages of Shotcut

  • Free and open platform.
  • Support for modern operating systems, starting with Windows 7 and above.
  • The presence of a portable (portable) version.
  • Wide support for video formats.
  • Work with streaming video.
  • Support for Blackmagic Design standards and interfaces.
  • Availability of video tutorials.

Disadvantages of Shotcut

  • A relatively small set of tools, designed mainly for amateur installation.
  • Teaching materials are mostly in English only.


The program works correctly and does not freeze.UI elements respond to user manipulations in a timely manner and without significant delays.However, you should not expect outstanding functionality from this editor, since Shotcut is, first of all, , an open-source project designed for the average user and not intended for creating special effects for a big movie.

Installing Shotcut

You can download the package from the download page of this program on our website.To start the installation process, run the Shotcut.exe and accept the terms of the license agreement, then specify the path for the future location of the program to the installer.Next, proceed to the next step and wait for the installation to complete Close the installer by clicking on the Close button To get started, launch the program from the desktop or from the Start menu Shotcut video editor does not require registration No additional the software is not installed.

The program interface language is determined automatically. If you want to change it, you can do so in the Settings – Language menu .

Changes in the latest version

  • Fixed an issue where the keyframe button would set the size and position options to all zeros in the following filters (broken in version 22.11).
  • Fixed crash when changing parameter in audio pitch filter (broken in version 22.11).
  • Fixed crash when selecting File > New or File > Close during playback (bug in version 22.09).
  • Fixed a memory leak in the slideshow dialog and transition properties preview (bug in version 22.09).
  • The Fixed Time Remap video filter disables the Crop: Source filter.
  • Added new search actions to the player menu.
  • Added a cycle marker color with the default keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M (option+command+M on macOS).
  • Added “Advanced” > “Sample Rate” to the “Properties” > “Convert” dialog box.h

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