Best pos system for restaurant/Restaurant software systems

Best pos system for restaurant/Restaurant software systems

The restaurant functions thanks to various teams with a specific system. Whether it is food safety management, employee management, accounting or advertising, there is a committee for it.

As systems change and improve in the food and beverage industry, teams are becoming more efficient with restaurant software.

These exceptional tools help restaurant teams complete day-to-day tasks faster and improve staff efficiency.

Traditional restaurant systems are effective, but always have their limitations. In order to eliminate these limitations and further develop the food and hospitality industry, as well as the restaurant business in the context of globalization, innovations have been introduced.

In the restaurant industry, where exemplary service and food safety are a must, restaurants have embraced a variety of software.Digital transformation has changed the way restaurants solve problems and deliver services.

How Does Restaurant Software Help?

Intelligent solutions and machine learning programs help create a more personalized food service for each consumer and a first-class user experience for restaurant workers.

To meet the needs of consumers and survive in the competitive environment of independent restaurants, various software for restaurants is used.They make it easier and more accurate for business owners when it comes to day-to-day store tasks.

Restaurant software reduces the risk of daily human error in order to effectively meet customer expectations.

They can help anticipate problems such as high labor costs and help resolve them. Some programs offer real-time reporting that provides actionable insights into all business transactions.

This allows businesses to measure performance and employee performance to improve customer satisfaction and restaurant revenue. It can also be used to make smarter business decisions using real-time information.Recently, a lot of programs for restaurants have appeared on the market. Choosing one of them was not an easy task.

The point of incorporating restaurant software into your business is to make it easier for you to meet company standards. It makes no sense to choose a program that is difficult to use and will only give you a headache.

What Software Do Restaurants Need?

When we say there are many restaurant software solutions available , we mean A LOT. You will either have to try out each program or get someone’s recommendation.Not all software is right for your food business.

You will need a guide and this article is just for you. We’ve compiled some of the best restaurant software for task management, order management, shipping, marketing, and food safety. :: Best Restaurant Management Software 😋

A platform built for a new way of working.

This office restaurant management platform aims to improve the workflow. Create to-do lists with the drag-n-drop schedule builder. offers a visual and intuitive way to manage your daily tasks, including the following:

  • Marketing and creative
  • Sales and customer relationship management ( CRM )
  • IT
  • Software development
  • Human Resources and Human Resources Management
  • Operations

Business Management & Dashboard Creation With 🖥️

Referred to as an excellent restaurant management platform, simplifies the process of managing a restaurant from a central location and increases the visibility of your restaurant’s food operations.

It allows you to consolidate all administrative tasks and set up real-time analytics for easy viewing. With centralized and customizable reporting, every member of your team can see how efficiently everyone is working, which will help increase accountability. offers over 200 templates where you can add your daily tasks.

These templates can be used to track the status of daily store tasks, daily progress, special events, and the priority level of each task.

With this restaurant management system, any business management job can become hassle-free. It also cuts down on the unnecessary and awkward conversations you have to make whenever you complete a task.

Each remote team member can easily move on to the next task once they have completed one. You don’t even have to tell the restaurant manager, as one of’s automation systems will do it for you.

In addition to managing your business operations, this restaurant management app understands that there are other apps that your team uses to work. It allows your team to integrate restaurant management capabilities with other exceptional technology tools that you are already familiar with. can integrate with the following software and apps:

This office restaurant management platform makes it easy for your entire team to create, view and discuss daily operations with real-time intelligent dashboards.

This rich feature automatically generates restaurant analytics from any section of your business. The information you select is presented using various widgets such as graphs, numbers, timelines, and other applications.These dashboards can be used for day-to-day assessments as well as customizable reports to improve performance.

This feature is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of your kitchen and see where you need to improve.

HR Management 👩🏻‍💼 can also work as a cloud -based employee management software that allows you to track, manage and evaluate your restaurant staff, as well as perform other administrative tasks to comply with labor laws.

With their HR features, you can effectively manage the recruitment and onboarding of additional employees. You can make a list of targeted talents and create a progress report for each one.

Using HR features, your team can track the most promising restaurant candidates and schedule interviews and evaluations with ease.

Along with the selection process, can also help your team manage the recruitment process .

Manage employee-related tasks such as:

  • Approval of leave applications
  • Evaluation of employee performance
  • Staff scheduling tasks
  • Time tracking for hourly employees
  • Availability of employees
  • Finding Ways to Improve Employee Welfare

With an efficient restaurant management system, you can easily set up reliable work schedules and change shifts without any hassle, with accurate turnaround times without lengthy communications.With’s Optimal Personnel Planning, 

any available restaurant staff can immediately get to work and fill in the gaps in the restaurant’s key operations.

If you haven’t been impressed by this restaurant management platform yet, recently released a mobile offline mode that allows you to make changes or check notifications and updates even without an internet connection.

At least 70% of ‘s operations are now available to thousands of restaurants.

FoodDocs: HACCP Plan Development Software

One of the most important aspects of running a restaurant is food safety, and HACCP compliance is a must. This process is not an easy task. Some restaurant businesses find it difficult to even hire a professional to manage.

Restaurant software systemsFoodDocs has created a built-in HACCP constructor, which is the first innovative restaurant technology developed by a company specializing in food safety management systems.

This artificial intelligence-based digital food safety management system software automatically generates a digital HACCP plan tailored specifically to key kitchen operations that your restaurant has.

All you need to do is answer a few questions such as:

  • what is your business type?
  • what raw materials are used?
  • what products do you sell?
  • how big is the volume?
  • What responsibilities do you have in your business?

The HACCP builder built into FoodDocs is an innovative restaurant technology that automatically generates a HACCP food safety management system plan based on your responses.This plan is ready to go and allows you to skip the hassle of creating a HACCP plan so you can serve safe food.

This software promises to help you create a digital food safety HACCP plan in just 1 hour. That ‘s 500 times faster than hiring a food safety consultant!

At a price 15 times cheaper and unbeatable than the traditional HACCP plan, you can get the following components:

  • Perform preparatory tasks, including charting the main operations of your restaurant
  • Identify and analyze common food safety hazards in your food industry
  • Critical Control Points (CCPs) have been established for each significant nutritional risk
  • Critical limits and monitoring procedures have been established for all CCIs
  • Established verification procedures
  • Accounting and Documentation Procedures

You get a complete HACCP plan and a connected AI-powered food safety management system.

This software will help you meet significant standards, covering the main food safety laws in accordance with HACCP, in order to serve 100% safe food to customers.

With this software from FoodDocs, small to medium sized restaurants and other food businesses will never have to worry about creating a HACCP plan.

This software requires no prior knowledge of food safety in order to build a comprehensive HACCP plan for you. In addition, the stellar FoodDocs team will provide attentive customer service to help you realize your plan.

Since all restaurants and other catering establishments have their own nuances and specific operations, the additional features of FoodDocs allow you to tailor the HACCP plan when necessary.The HACCP constructor built into FoodDocs does not completely deviate from the traditional way.

Some food agencies prefer hard copies of your HACCP plan, you can download and print the entire plan for submission.

For more advanced food agencies, you can email the food safety officer to the HACCP plan file and share the final result with them.

With FoodDocs, compliance with the HACCP plan becomes achievable for every food worker, and food safety becomes guaranteed.

Having an automated HACCP plan generator and an AI-powered food safety management system gives you a competitive edge in restaurant management and meeting customer expectations for delicious, safe food.It will help thousands of restaurant owners stay ahead of the curve and ensure that food safety management systems work.

Square: Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) System 🤑

The future of business depends on you.

A point of sale system like Square is designed for things like processing payments from customers and registering them with your system.This type of software has revolutionized the payment system and has proven to be the most suitable for situations like the pandemic.

Square ‘s point-of-sale software solution began by enabling restaurant or retail store owners to accept online and contactless payments through their app.

To date, Square online has expanded its services by providing real-time updates on any menu item and order selection, including mobile payment processing. It has also begun offering a tracking solution with features for all physical and online deliveries and generating powerful restaurant analytics sales reports.

The Square point of sale solution aims to make shifts smoother and improve the flow of events and people in a restaurant from the moment they step through your doors or onto your websites to the moment they pay and receive their food.

Square creates fast service at your establishment and keeps everyone coming and going for your service with flexible payment processing.This software also solves a common lunch problem by offering advanced check splitting features.

In addition to providing customers with POS solutions, Square also allows you to manage all invoices and even attach any purchase orders or images as documentation for food costing.

In one of its latest innovations, Square has introduced a new feature that allows food vendors to print QR codes and give customers access to them.A mobile phone-based payment system like 

Square reduces the amount of contact between people and makes everything faster.

This new feature from Square is driven by the significant impact of the pandemic, which has limited physical contact and wreaked havoc on the restaurant industry.

Square also facilitates integration with shipping and order management with the following applications:

  • Postmates
  • Ritual
  • Chowly
  • Cuboh
  • Deliverect
  • Pepper

Square helps you easily make mobile payments across all major payment platforms and speeds up transactions.

Despite this innovation, Square does not deprive your establishment of the ability to accept payments through the checkout and issue receipts on a receipt printer.

Square’s point of sale allows you to get paid online or from the store itself, especially with its offline capability.

Paperform: Online Ordering Software for Restaurant 📦

Paperform is a flexible SaaS platform designed to help small restaurant businesses reduce workload, minimize costs and simplify life.

Not all restaurants started out as large establishments. It is quite normal to try your hand at creating a simple online store . So you can understand if there is a market for your products.

With Paperform, you can create a smart online store in minutes. Collect payments, manage inventory and automate receipt receipts – all in one place and without complex systems.

Not sure how exactly you want to collect payments?

Paperform has advanced payment options , including coupons, invoices, and 85 integrations with payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal Business, Braintree, and Square so you can sell your products to anyone.

It allows you to create quick service questions using the following formats:

With this digital tool, you don’t have to worry about boring forms that are direct questions and answers and create a quick advantage in restaurant operations.This platform allows you to incorporate your brand image and your own branding style into every form you create.

Insert images and backlinks when updating menus on your other pages to increase traffic and serve as advertisements. You can create a menu board form and include the cost of each dish in it.

Apply discount values ​​for any promotions or add pickup or contactless delivery options. Create an intuitive and digital menu board and order form that you can use to launch your online food service business with Paperform.

Tablein: Restaurant Booking Software ⚙️

Especially during times like the pandemic, face-to-face operations can become a big risk.

Restaurants are among those businesses that value the physical effect of the atmosphere as it is part of the customer experience. Therefore, the possibility for customers to book tables in advance through online booking would be the most logical.

The problem is that booking through social media apps is time-consuming for employees or restaurant owners.

👉🏼 This is where Tablein comes into play.

This restaurant software has rich features that allow customers to conduct online check-in hassle-free and without you having to deal with any transactions yourself.

Tablein is a restaurant reservation management version that allows you to pre-book a hotel by selecting a date. Not only that, this software even allows customers to book tables at your restaurant anywhere they want to sit.Easy table management, meal reservation control, online check-in and custom floor planning for you!

With Tablein, customers get the ability to independently perform the following daily tasks:

  • Check availability
  • View waiting list
  • Choose your preferred dining area
  • Notes for special requests
  • Use the platform on all devices to plan your bookings
  • Last minute scheduling option
  • Compatibility with other websites (e.g. Facebook) for booking

In response to the challenge of the pandemic, Tablein quickly adjusted its operations when it came to managing tables.Automatic notifications are sent to customers when their table is ready.

This feature is less conducive to the contactless provision of services and reduces the possibility of the spread of diseases.

Tablein has also successfully reduced the chance of guest no-shows by implementing confirmation notifications. In addition, they have a team that can ask customers to pay in advance as a booking fee.

Treat your guests to a hassle-free experience with a super-easy booking and online check-in process with custom floor plans.

If your restaurant team is already using another platform for managing operations, you can easily integrate Tablein into your system.

This software is compatible with major social media platforms such as Google and Facebook. Make booking quick and hassle -free for your customers.

QuickBooks: Restaurant Accounting Software 🧾

Smart and simple online bookkeeping software for small businesses.

For new and growing SMEs, managing costs and other cash flow issues is paramount to success.

Not everyone is quick to think when it comes to money management. But the fact of the matter is that accounting is an important part of the restaurant business.

To help you keep your books and finish each day with the confidence that everything related to your finances is in order, use restaurant bookkeeping software such as QuickBooks Online .

This accounting solution with features for restaurants basically does these things for you:

  • Preparation of individual and professional invoices for food costing
  • Track payments with real-time analytics and automatically match payments to invoices
  • Organize expenses in one place and get detailed sales analytics
  • Connecting bank accounts for easy viewing of all transactions and balances related to finances
  • Tax tracking and management
  • Personnel payroll management
  • Organize receipts and inventory
  • Advanced reporting features

In addition to being an all-in-one online accounting solution, QuickBooks Online is compatible with any device you use onsite.

Collect all financial transactions of your sales department in the cloud and manage everything at a glance. QuickBooks reduces the need for manual data entry.It automates tasks for faster and more accurate accounting.

Also, never forget your due payments as QuickBooks helps you set up reminders and make accounting painless for you.

Because QuickBooks works with your finances and other sensitive information , it guarantees customers the highest level of security.This secure platform uses the same level of security as banks.

Another rich feature that makes QuickBooks a great choice is the ability to easily access your profile for your current accountant. Share your financial books created with advanced reporting features in QuickBooks via email.

If you’re new to the restaurant business and don’t have an accountant, QuickBooks can help through its ProAdvisor network.

Skip tedious accounting tasks and let QuickBooks take care of them. Consolidate your monthly end-of-month accounting and increase your business revenue with this smart software for your restaurant.

Apicbase: Restaurant Inventory Management Software 📖

The backbone of a growing food business.

Apicbase is an advanced inventory management software that is more focused on managing warehouse operations. Such operations include those in the kitchen and beyond.

This software prides itself on offering powerful features that enable food business leaders to have a simple yet effective real-time inventory tracking and kitchen management system.

This software mainly works as a management tool for 9 major operations including:

  • Menu management and design
  • Procurement
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Internal order
  • Production
  • Menu costing and planning
  • Accounting
  • HACCP and tasks
  • Analytics

Apicbase has a proven track record in managing these areas, but has proven itself well in terms of providing clients with real-time inventory tracking and management solutions .When a restaurant runs out of food and drink ingredients, it’s always a problem.

The main thing is to keep a close eye on all the stocks available at different points in your restaurant.

With Apicbase, your kitchen staff won’t have to manually count all the food containers and other carelessly packed ingredients, which can lead to inaccuracies in inventory management.

This software combines restaurant management capabilities both in and out.The process begins with updating the digital library of dishes presented on your menu board.

With this, the system can generate food and labor cost analysis, purchasing proposals and operations analysis across all your restaurants to create customized inventory control.

As dishes are served to customers, the inventory management system automatically reduces the amount of used ingredients from available stock.

This real-time inventory software also has additional features such as automatic notifications if stocks are low and need to be replenished, or if supplier prices change significantly.

Keep track of your food and beverage expenses and manage your inventory properly to avoid running out of stock and continuously increase your business revenue.

In addition to preventing inventory underruns, Apicbase does the opposite. This software intuitively helps you order the most efficient amount of stock you need, when you need it.

Prevent overstocking and avoid several kilograms of food waste with automated inventory to achieve an unbeatable price on your products. With the help of Apicbase, you can better understand the movement of inventory at the level of ingredients at different points in the restaurant.Use its feature that shows you a customizable report for an accurate comparison of food cost and margin.

This feature will help you identify which part of your kitchen is not performing well and fix the problem immediately.

Canva: Best Restaurant Menu Design Software 📘

Canva . Design for everyone.

Canva is an award-winning web design and publishing tool . He broke into any business, offering clients a creative approach to creating menus and promotional posts.

A restaurant owner can never underestimate the potential of good design to increase sales.

Their powerful capabilities can be used to create logos , slogans, promotional materials, menus, and even any simple report.

This digital tool offers thousands of templates that you can use and further customize to make your physical and digital menu boards more presentable.Presentation plays a big role in customer service and guest experience, and your menu says a lot about the type of restaurant.

Thanks to the features of the Canva solution , you can create your own menu board or use templates.

Bars, cafes, food trucks and independent restaurants with different specializations all have their own themes, and Canva understands this. This restaurant software applies all the key elements of a good menu in all of its templates.

Here are some of the main features of Canva that you can use to create a digital menu board:

  • Convenient menu creation
  • Offers a variety of templates that are categorized according to theme
  • Custom Templates
  • Extensive media library for illustrations and vectors
  • Publication compatible with social networks

Menu planning doesn’t have to be boring. What’s even more interesting about this digital tool is that you can easily pick up where you left off earlier and update the menu instantly .Thanks to this, you will be able to regularly update the menu for seasonal dishes or any new items.

Speaking of seasonality, Canva even lets you schedule content for when the new menu board comes out. Remove the manual process from your ad layout and let Canva do the work.

For an online store or food delivery service, digital menu boards can be made more attractive with animation, video, and audio files.

Incorporate your brand identity by uploading an existing logo and including it in your Canva templates when creating your menu. Create crisp, clean, versatile and well-designed home menus with Canva.

Moosend: Restaurant Email Marketing Software 📧

Create smart email campaigns that get results.

Advertising and marketing activities are your main ways to spread the word about your updates. While conventional marketing strategies such as generic and sponsored posts have a fairly large reach, email marketing offers a more targeted approach.With email marketing, you can strengthen relationships with existing customers.

This is what Moosend does best. This email marketing software was created to make email marketing and marketing automation an easy task for every restaurant business.

Moosend mainly features the following systems :

  • Email Editor
  • Possibilities of personalization and segmentation
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • A/B testing

In terms of increasing engagement, Moosend favors its powerful features for creating personalized emails with marketing content.Create emails with a personal touch while still using your brand design.

The segmentation feature in Moosend will help your restaurant’s marketing department create customer groups for a more targeted marketing approach.

Segmentation helps your marketing and sales department focus resources on prospects to make more purchases. Create groups based on your demographic or customer behavior criteria.

Use Moosend ‘s email auto-responders feature to your advantage.

This feature allows your team to send automated messages triggered by customer behavior.

It is best used for the following behaviors:

  • abandoned carts
  • Repeat purchases
  • Sales
  • Buyer survey

Increasing engagement can greatly increase your exposure to food businesses. Let customers know what products they might need based on their previous purchases and provide great customer service.Create a customized automation flow for your customers to get the most out of your marketing opportunities.

To get a better idea of ​​the current state of marketing, Moosend also offers a dashboard system.

This dashboard provides an overview of marketing activity, email list and broadcast performance. This digital tool will help improve the efficiency of the marketing department.

By using the Moosend email builder, you will be able to attract more customers to your restaurant. Send e-mails with news about the latest events or thank you letters to express your gratitude to them.Choose from 70+ ready-to-use email templates to speed things up with Moosend.

ReferralCandy:Best Restaurant Loyalty Software 🍬

Before the era of technology, information about how good a particular restaurant was was passed from mouth to mouth. User reviewers speak highly of a restaurant business that has delivered exemplary service and delicious food.

At this age, referral programs and loyalty systems still work best to spread the word about your business.

ReferralCandy is a customer loyalty program platform for restaurants that creates creative and automated ways to incentivize repeat customers to generate referrals.

It supports a system that allows you to customize restaurant management features to reward loyal customers.

Users can choose from incentives such as:

  • Cash rewards
  • Coupon Codes
  • Non-standard gifts

ReferralCandy allows you to seize the opportunity to acquire new clients by having your existing clients do the work for you and saving time for other marketing activities.A referral program can be an advantage for your marketing team.

All you have to do is choose the type of reward for your loyal customers , choose how it’s presented, and then let your customers do the rest.

ReferralCandy offers the following main features that you can use for your restaurant referral program:

  • Compatibility with online stores
  • Setting up rewards
  • Integration with marketing applications
  • Acquisition and referral tools
  • Email and landing pages
  • Dashboard in real time
  • Fraud and spam protection

Use various loyalty programs to incentivize, such as unbeatable discounts for your customers.

You can use formats such as the referral widget , which is instantly displayed in the corner of the screen, to encourage customers about the referral program.

In addition, you can show the possibilities of loyalty systems by making the choice part of the registration process or post-purchase information.

In addition to these features, ReferralCandy allows the restaurant business to include their branding in every incentive you send. Upload your preferred color scheme and logo and let the software design the rest for you.

Track your referral program and get valuable insights from full real-time analytics on your dashboard that shows traffic progress, social media shares and top referral customers.

With this dashboard, you can see exactly how much loyalty systems have increased the average check and revenues of your business.

You can learn more about writing a marketing plan here .

Choosing Restaurant Software 👩‍💻

Each innovative, independent restaurant technology software offers a different kind of peace of mind.

From table management and custom room planning to tedious restaurant analytics, they can intuitively solve your biggest problems, and can help prevent wastage.All types of restaurants can benefit from certain software. The main thing is to find the perfect platform for you.

You can meet customer expectations, provide them with comprehensive support, improve employee efficiency and reduce restaurant labor costs without compromising the quality of services.

Plus, these exceptional technology tools help you maximize the efficiency of your staff and all of your resources. With restaurant software, your business will be able to create more revenue streams without much effort.

Choosing from the thousands of restaurant software on the market can be a tedious task, but every minute spent will be worth it.Choosing the best restaurant management app on the market that can handle multiple tasks should depend on your daily operations.

Look for restaurant software that does everything for you, or use different programs and have your team of experts manage them for you.

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