Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager

Ninja download manage is a easy, fast, and elegant tool. It is one of the best download software for PC that provides total download control to you. This download manager permits you to download using HTTP, Socks4, or Socks5 proxy servers.

This is a simple, fast and elegant application. It differs in that it allows us to increase the download speed up to 20 times by using multiple connections at the same time. It downloads files from start to finish, which allows us to watch audio and video files until the download is complete.

We can also manage downloads in pending files. In parallel with this, we can define specific timeout limits, as well as determine the number of downloads and connections at the same time. Speed ​​is another section that we can control in order to be able to use the Internet while it is working. At boot time, we can choose between HTTP, Socks4 or Socks5 proxy servers.

Here’s how Ninja Download Manager works

Once we launch the application, we will find an intuitive user interface that will help us extract the best part of its features and bring together all types of users. By default, all its options are in English, but you can change the language and select Spanish. To do this, we must maintain a button in the form of clearing, which we find in the toolbar at the top. A new column will appear where we can make various adjustments as it changes its appearance, selects a file to upload, or changes the language to Spanish.

Ninja Download Manager changes the idiom

Add New Downloads

To add a new download, simply click on the plus (+) button on the toolbar and a new column will appear on the right where we can paste the URL of the file we want to download. We can also create a category, select the path where we want to download and give it a name. Click on the “Quick Add” button at the bottom to start the download. When it’s done, the download will show up on the main panel and we’ll show you the whole process.

From the main panel, we can pause and resume downloads, delete, limit the download speed, or open the hotel location directly. It will also be possible to download videos from video storage platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and others.

Adjust all the settings in the “Options” section.

In the “Options” section, we can configure several of its functions. In the “Network” section, we can limit the download speed for all downloads, as well as the maximum number of downloads that we can perform at the same time and the maximum number of connections to the server in one download. In the Monitor applet, we have the option to download downloads from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. To do this, in addition to the Microsoft operating system, for the rest it will be necessary to install Extensions.

Problems downloading videos from YouTube

To do this, we need to rely on the icon in the form of a miniature sight, which we find high up. Once you have clicked on the url or url of the video you want to download, click on quick download. During our tests, we had difficulty downloading from YouTube. We were unable to recognize the link by the application and the message “No media found for this URL” is displayed.

Ninja Download Manager is a download manager that can be useful for all users who regularly download files from the Internet. The application allows us to manage all the tasks so that everything is organized. The ability to directly download videos from YouTube is also interesting, although we can’t do it because the program recognizes the URL. There is a lot of competition among download managers, so for the moment this application will not be relevant, even if we do not lose anything when downloading and check if it meets our needs.

Download Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager is a program that we can download for free from this link. It is compatible with all versions of Windows XP up to Windows 10, in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. In addition, it is compatible with macOS operating systems. Installation is fast thanks to its assistant and we never have to install third party software.


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